Inspirational Humanitarian Efforts

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10-Year-Old Lil Peppi's songs to save the planet, 3 December 2009
The 12-Year-Old Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes, 20 October 2009
The Green Saint of Kolkata, India, Part 2, The Inspirational School of Hope, 29 August 2003
The Green Saint of Kolkata, India, Part 1, 27 July 2003
Helping Monks Care for AIDs Sufferers in, 'Magnificent Thailand', Part 4, 14 August 2002
The 'Splendiferous' Work of a Little Monk in, 'Magnificent Thailand', Part 2, 15 July 2002
Helping the Poor and Socially Disadvantaged in 'Magnificent Thailand', Part 1, 30 June 2002
How to Give Hope & Dignity Back to Homeless People, Chicago, US.
Volunteering with Pets as Therapy, 20 January 2002
U2's Bono and his Marvellous Work for Africa, 15 May 2002
Helping Tibet's Blind Children, 19 September 2000
Nelson Mandela's Inspirational Pledge to Work for a Future for the
World's Children, Johannesburg, 6 May 2000

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