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If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.'
— Mahatma Gandhi

Action clubs

Action Clubs encourage and facilitate children and young people into community volunteering all over the world. Please click the above Shanti the Grass-eating Lion banner for more information.

Shanti Lion Children's Trust

We have established the Shanti Lion Children's Trust in order to earn money for the following work:

Child slavery

We intend to become involved in work to locate and identify child slaves, free them and finally rehabilitate them. We will also be looking to extend our work to adults.

Child soldiers

We intend to become involved in rehabilitating former child soldiers. So far 3,585 copies of our book, Shanti the Grass-eating Lion have been sent to Uganda to be given to former child soldiers. The book teaches children to forgive others who have wronged them by first separating any wrongdoers from their actions. That way it becomes fine to hate what wrongdoers do, but not the person who does wrong. We hope this will help to free children and young people from a future life of anger, hatred and the desire to take revenge against those who have harmed them.

Our other works paid for separately include or will include:

Coming soon: Reforming retail banking through our consumer organisation Honourable Banking

To help safeguard the world's financial systems we are setting up a people-power initiative to help encourage high levels of ethical behaviour and achievement in the world's banks. Our purpose is to help all banks become much more mindful of their society's best interests and mindful of not causing poverty. Our first effort will focus on the United Kingdom, but it should be easy relatively to replicate all over the world.

Coming Soon: The Tree Planters Employment Society.

To help fight climate change we intend to employ disadvantaged people to do large tree planting projects and to help run renewable energy projects. Trees will be planted to help restore forests previously devastated by widespread deforestation in carefully selected areas. By disadvantaged people we mean the landless poor, refugees, ex-prisoners, people with mental health problems, homeless people, people with learning disabilities and people with visual impairments and so on — people who normally struggle to gain fairly paid work.
This work should help protect and enhance the natural environment to help reduce the burden future generations are expected to face due to environmental neglect caused by present and past generations.

Micro-credit to help end world poverty

We intend to become involved in directly helping to pull people out of poverty using micro-credit through not-for-profit enterprises. To learn more about not-for-profit micro-credit please click here.

Sharing technology

We intend to become involved in spreading helpful technology more evenly around the world. Many people in impoverished countries suffer today unnecessarily as they cannot access existing technology that could help them utilise their own resources much more efficiently.

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