Dear friends,

We are organising an international peace campaign based on the following: One World, One People for Peace.

We are sure you will agree that if we want world peace we must peacefully and constructively oppose all war, all violence and all hatred. We must think above the conflicts in the world and realise there is only one true race on the planet: the human race, and we are really all members of one family.

Given human nature, if we allow protests to be linked to any particular so-called races, religions, cultures, languages, ideology or any specific areas of conflict, we are going to create division. This will only take the momentum out of any popular, non-violent movement. We need to involve everyone, everywhere if we are serious about peace. We cannot afford to have anyone feeling alienated from our cause.

Let's make our cause a united, spiritual and loving one.

Violent conflict has now raged for every second of every day over the last century. Now is the time for all of us together, to try something new.

So please feel this message with your hearts, and choose what sort of world you would like your children and their children to live in by participating in our peace plan.

So we can determine how many people agree with what we are doing we also humbly request that you join us in Facebook by using the link below. In the future it is our treasured hope to take a number of new ideas before the United Nations General Assembly. We feel these will strongly benefit our world. Realistically we cannot, however, move ahead with this until we have a sufficient number of supporters around the world. This is because, in the true sense of democracy, no international cause, no matter how noble, can truly be unanimously adopted unless enough people stand up to be counted for what they believe in.

Paul Sinclair
One World One People

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