World Peace Action Plan

Step 1 - Learn about the 'science of non-violence'

Continuing on from our brief plan given in step 1 acquire accurate knowledge about the science of non-violence and the means by which you can 'be the changes you want to see in the world'. More information is given here.

Step 2 - Start meditation groups to help cultivate inner peace and happiness

To spread peace it is helpful to be at peace within ourselves. Start meditation groups that sit regularly as a structured means to cultivate inner peace; rest from worldly concerns and worries; reduce stress; improve our physical and mental health; improve our intellectual skills; stimulate creativity; awaken innate spiritual qualities; and experience more refined states of awareness which bring satisfying spiritual growth. To learn more click here.

Step 3
- Teach children and young people how to be happy and empower them

The world's future will always depend on the world's children. Children need to be brought up to always try to focus on what they have in common with others instead of any perceived differences. They need to learn to regard others happiness as a key to achieving their own inner happiness. They need to be taught how to forgive those who wrong them and to favour non-violence over violence.

To help achieve that and empower children and young people set up 'action clubs'. An action club is a group of children and / or young people who volunteer their services to help make their communities and our world a better place. For more information please click here.

Step 4 - Support practical, organised action to overcome poverty and environmental degradation

Please see our lastest action page for more information.

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