One World One People Mission Statement

  1. To turn the concept of world peace from a theoretical ideal into a practical, workable reality.

  2. To help people to find peace within themselves first so they can be the effective change they want to see occur in the world.

  3. To inspire the world's people to regard themselves as equal members of the only true human race on the planet: humanity.

  4. To encourage in peoples' hearts a sense of universal responsibility, so that they may work not only for themselves, their families, their communities and their nations, but also for the benefit of all humanity.

  5. To encourage the world's people to relate to each other positively through concentrating on the many things they have in common instead of negatively through the many differences they feel they have: ethnic, religious, cultural, ideological and so on.

  6. To spread accurate knowledge of the science of non-violence and encourage the use of peaceful measures to resolve all conflictinstead of anger, hatred and violence.

  7. To help people learn to use non-violent methods to free their nations from violent dictatorships, autocratic regimes and unwanted foreign occupiers.

  8. To enable people to find greater peace and happiness through building unity in diversity by learning to respect, care for and ultimately love one another.

  9. To encourage the people of the world to embrace these causes for the sake of their children so that as each person's life draws to an end, they can ask themselves the question: 'Have I left the world a better place by my lifetime here, for my children, my grandchildren and great grandchildren and so on?'. And the answer will be a resounding 'Yes!'.

© One World One People, 2011
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